Society isn’t making a shitty kid, maybe it’s you?

I read an article today on The Huffington post, “Are we raising an ungrateful generation?” it was about this teen who was having a fight with his mom (the author of the article)  about his families financial situation. Of course she is a writer but she primarily works at home, but he told her why didn’t she get a real job and what has she done for their family. She went on to defend what she has done for her family and other reasons other than her parenting was the problem.

"There are too many teenagers out there today who are wondering what their parents have done for them. They’re crossing boundaries I never dreamed of stepping over in my youth. Older values have given way to self-centeredness and greed in a throwaway society. Social networks and the anonymity behind a computer screen have enabled our children to forget their manners. Disrespect for authoritative figures is being reinforced by popular television programs that degrade adults."

Wait…what? After reading this I thought, well did you slap him after that? Cause that is what my mom would have done if I had said some bullshit like that. I was waiting the whole time for her to say and then I grounded him or something but no. 

This seems like a thing on Facebook blaming kids for being crappy, and ungrateful. Um well you raised these crappy kids, its kinda your fault. Maybe I am crazy but blaming things like TV and technology is a cop-out. What did you not teach your kid? Why is he/she disrespectful? Don’t blame anyone else but yourself. I do believe there are a bunch of shitty kids out there who are self centered, but to put blame on some of these things is kinda crazy. Your kid doesn’t just one day go from good kid to bad kid because you give them a phone. IDK maybe Im wrong, maybe technology will be the end of us, and everyone will be rude forever. Who knows. 

Filer under reasons I need to stop looking at facebook. 

If you want to read the post here it is.